The PCB-AHA and Covid-19

Hello to all of our PCB-AHA members. Like all of you, we are doing our best to keep track of what’s going on, trying to do what we’re supposed to do, and hoping for the best. Our hopes are for everyone’s good health.

We obviously take the current situation seriously. In the PCB’s case, our conference is August 6-8, which is a long way off. We will continue planning for it and do our best to be ready for any contingency. Uppermost in our minds will be making sure that we do what is best for our membership, to assure everybody’s health and safety. While we always think of that, it’s especially important now.

So, we are working on the program, apologize for the delays, and hope to get in touch next week with everybody who submitted a proposal. Our Nominating Committee is at work on an electoral slate, and we hope to have an election for next year’s officers and committee members ready to go soon. We will adjust other deadlines as needed and in such a way as to make us do the heavy lifting and not you.

If you have any questions or comments, please email PCB-AHA executive director Michael Green at [email protected]. Thanks!


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