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Looking to get in touch with panelists and colleagues who are attending the 2020 PCB-AHA conference?  Post a comment below.

Please note that PCB-AHA does not endorse nor can it guarantee the accuracy of these postings.  Please direct any questions to PCB Executive Director Michael Green at [email protected] or [email protected].


10 thoughts on “2020 Panelists Forum

  1. Mark Howe says:

    Looking at a panel on the border and issues based on the history of it and what is being or has been done.
    Kinda a broad but seeing if others want to participate.


  2. Chris Foss says:

    I’m putting together a panel on the thirtieth anniversary of historical events/trends/people in U.S. foreign relations from 1989. I have a chair but I’m looking for 2-3 more co-panelists. The panel aims to mainly steer away from “obvious” topics like the Berlin Wall/fall of the Iron Curtain, Tiananmen Square, etc., though I would be interested in papers which look at those events peripherally or in a new light. My own paper will center on Tom Foley, the longtime congressman from Washington state who became Speaker of the House in 1989. I will focus on the ways in which his diplomacy abroad and his political skills at home in Washington and in Congress led him to the speakership, conveying the ways in which his “intermestic”, consensus-building style stood in contrast with the nationalistic polarization happening in the present day.
    If interested, please contact me at [email protected].
    Chris Foss
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of History
    University of Portland, Tokyo International University of America, Washington State University Vancouver

  3. Melissa Darby says:

    I would like to present a paper discussing the old questions of where on the west coast did Sir Francis Drake find his ‘fair and good bay’ and who concocted the Plate of Brass hoax, and why. I have new information on both of these questions.

  4. Alberto Wilson III says:

    I’m looking to present a paper that explores the role of Mexican and Mexican American women from Texas in developing the ‘soft power’ of US foreign policy in Latin America after the Second World War. If possible I would be happy to join a panel that explores similar themes and/or time period. – AWIII, PhD Candidate, University of Houston

  5. Victor Rodriguez II says:

    Hello All,

    I am trying to form a panel through the following guidelines: modern California history, US campaign history, US political and social history, the history of ideas: intersections between US liberal and conservative ideology through political and social dynamics.

    My paper focuses on the 1934 California gubernatorial election in which the socialist writer Upton Sinclair ran on his End Poverty in California (EPIC) campaign. The paper examines the political language of Sinclair’s platform, the mechanics of his relief plan, as well as the social reaction to his campaign.

    • Russell MacKenzie Fehr says:


      I have a couple of ideas concerning papers in US campaign history and US political and social history- let me know if you still need someone for your panel.

  6. Mattie Webb says:

    Hi scholars,
    I am searching for one more panelist, a commentator, and a chair for the upcoming 2019 PCB-AHA Conference. Potential panels include: Race and the Cold War in Africa, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Cold War, or Corporations, Race, and the Cold War in Transnational Perspective. My paper examines the role of U.S. multinational corporations in South Africa from 1976-1986.
    If interested, please send an email to Mattie Webb at [email protected] as soon as possible.
    Mattie Webb
    University of California, Santa Barbara

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  8. Felicitas Hartung says:

    Hello All,

    I would like to present a paper on fear and anxiety during the Cold War. My paper focuses on the U.S. policy of deterrence and the impact of NATO’s double track decision on German-American relations.
    Maybe someone else would be interested in commemorating the 40th anniversary of NATO’s double track decision through a similar topic?

    Felicitas Hartung
    University of California, San Diego ([email protected])

  9. Kate Burlingham says:

    Hi all! Please remember that you can submit as an individual paper if you are unable to form a panel. We will then put together panels on the planning side of things. Please email if you have any questions.

    All the best,
    Dr. Kate Burlingham and Dr. David Torres-Rouff, Co-Chairs, Program Planning Committee

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