PCB-AHA Resolutions on Public Monument, Building, and Place Names

At its 2020 Council meeting, the PCB-AHA passed three resolutions on the naming of various building and sites at the local, state, and national levels–including the Madison Grant Forest and Elk Refuge and the Madison Grant Memorial at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park–and offering to assist in recommending racially and ethnically diverse scholars to serve on commissions to study these names. The resolutions may be accessed at PCB-AHA 2020 Resolutions.


PCB-AHA Panel August 13–Transnational Asians

Please join us for a PCB-AHA panel on Transnational Asians on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 2:00pm PST.

Much of the foundational research in Asian American history has focused on Chinese, Japanese and Korean immigrant experiences to the United States in modern U.S. history. This panel provides two fresh perspectives on these groups from transnational perspectives, connecting to several issues such as diaspora, religion, military service, and inter-Asian relations. Each presentation is centered on the power and agency of specific individuals, both leaders and everyday people, who frequently and easily crossed Asian and American boundaries in both directions throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Dean Ryuta Adachi (Porterville College/Claremont Graduate University) will be presenting “Japanese and Chinese Frenemies in Nineteenth Century San Francisco,” which will examine some of the earliest interactions between Japanese and Chinese immigrants in the United States during the 1870s and 1880s, specifically through records of early Japanese and Chinese Christian converts at the Chinese Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church in San Francisco.

Hye Ok Park (Claremont Graduate University) will be presentingArirang People: A Study of Koreans in Transnational Diasporas of the Russian Far East and Manchuria, 1895-1920, and Beyond” which will discuss the involvement of Koreans on both sides of the Russo-Japanese war, as well as transnational diasporas of Koreans in Russia and Manchuria.

This panel will be moderated by JoAnna Poblete (Claremont Graduate University).

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