Our Awards & Prizes

Pacific Coast Branch Awards and Prizes

All awards and prizes recognize distinguished scholarship produced by members of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association living in the PCB-AHA region.

Donations to one of the award endowments can be made by contacting PCB-AHA executive director Michael Green. For more information, please email him at [email protected]

The W. Turrentine Jackson (Dissertation) Award for the most outstanding dissertation on any aspect of the history of the American West in the twentieth century.

The Pacific Coast Branch Book Award for an outstanding first book on any historical subject by a scholar who resides within the states and provinces from which the Branch draws its membership.

The Norris & Carol Hundley Award for an outstanding book on any historical subject by a scholar who resides within the states and provinces from which the Branch draws its membership.

The Tonous & Warda Johns Family Book Award for an outstanding book on U.S. foreign relations, immigration history, or military history.

Presidents’ Graduate Student Travel Award

The PCB-AHA Presidents’ Graduate Student Travel Awards are awarded by the selection committee to graduate students participating on the program as presenters on a panel, poster session, or roundtable. Priority for these awards will be given to doctoral candidates, although graduate students at all levels are invited to apply.

In order to be considered for a Travel Award, a proposal (including the applicant’s name, institution, current graduate student status, copy of the PCB-AHA acceptance letter for the presentation, and brief curriculum vitae) should be sent to each member of the selection committee.

Proposals must include: an email requesting consideration for the award, including the student’s name, university, the year of matriculation in a Ph.D. program, the candidate’s current status in her or his program and anticipated date of completion. A copy of the PCB–AHA Conference acceptance letter and a CV must also be included.

We will post further information about the deadline for the 2019 conference.

The Travel Award Committee for the 2019 conference:

George Sánchez (2019)
Department of American Studies & Ethnicity
University of Southern California
Waite Phillips Hall 303
Los Angeles, CA  90089
[email protected]

Katherine Morrissey (2020)
Department of History
University of Arizona
215 Social Sciences Bldg.
PO Box 210027
1145 E. South Campus Drive
Tucson, AZ 85721
[email protected]

Mary Elizabeth Berry (2021)
Department of History
University of California, Berkeley
3229 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2550
[email protected]

Pacific Historical Review Prizes (sponsored by the University of California Press)

The W. Turrentine Jackson (Article) Prize to a graduate student whose essay on a topic within the fields of concentration of the Pacific Historical Review has been adjudged to be of outstanding quality.

The Louis Knott Koontz Memorial Award is given annually for the most deserving contribution to the Pacific Historical Review.