114th Annual PCB-AHA Conference

This year’s PCB-AHA conference will be online. Some of our panels were presented during the original conference time, but we look forward to offering you a series of colloquia, panels, roundtables, and discussions over the next few months. The PCB-AHA-2021-Conference-Program will be updated as we continue to schedule our panels throughout the fall, and we will make announcements on this site, at https://twitter.com/PCB-AHA and at our Twitter site for our new Graduate Student Caucus, https://twitter.com/PCBgrads.

We are asking you all to register for the conference at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pcb-aha-2021-online-conference-tickets-163089604397. Whether you are a participant or you will be watching via Zoom or, later, on YouTube, we would appreciate a registration payment, and we are offering lower-than-usual rates and would appreciate the support. Our longtime book exhibitor, Scholar’s Choice, also has a virtual exhibit for you!